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This a work-in-progress demo of my portfolio. Don’t take these pixels too seriously.

My portfolio was really old so I’m rebuilding it from scratch. It’s not finished yet but I wanted to have a working version of it out as early as possible so I can get feedback and iterate.

Please take a look and if you have any feedback let me know what you think!

My Work

Forward Security

I designed and implemented a complete rebuild of Forward Security’s new website. I took the project from sketches to a high fidelity live, functional, and fully responsive website. 


I worked at Koho for almost 4 years. As their first employee I lead the design and culture as we rapidly grew. 

Vancouver Costal Health

Here I got to design an app that could save lives. Under contract by VCH as part of a four person team we helped figure out how to improve the treatment of stroke patients while designing an app to track their care in the ER. 


I undertook the Herculean task of designing a science fiction RPG video game on my own. This project spanned many different skills including but not limited to: story telling, branding, motion graphics, UX and UI, prototyping & testing, co-creation, and cognitive psychology. It was a super fun thing to explore.

Other things I like to mess with

Motion Graphics & Animation
Print Design
Visual Art

“Perpetually humble, while brimming with a deep-seated confidencehe empowers his teams to rise above the status quo and do their best constantly. Not taking the opportunity to have Scott on your team in any capacity would be a sore loss for any organization or business.”

Andrew Macdonald — Design Researcher and Strategist @ Flow

What I'm Doing Now

Co-creating 4D spatial sound mindfulness recordings with ambient artist Sean Evans

Building and writing for

I'm open to new work and excited to take on the right project or position

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Cover Letter (Coming soon)

I intentionally avoid most social media but I'd be happy to connect with you on LinkedIn