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Categories: Communications Design, Interaction Design, Mobile App Design

I lead the design on a product built to empower and improve the financial lives of all Canadians.

Hired as employee #1 when Koho had no users and very little funding. Took the initial concept and fleshed it out designing every feature, and aspect. We took this idea of financial empowerment and built a mobile app that now has thousands of active financial accounts and growing. We’ve received over $10M in funding, have processed millions in transactions, and are still growing fast.

Through these few short years, I designed the entire mobile experience, the website, all marketing materials, as well as a couple of physical Visa cards. My designs for Koho have been featured by Apple on the front page of their App Store as a new app they loved. It’s been shown on Techcrunch, the National Post, Bloomberg, and much more.

At the same time as leading the design, I took the lead to establish our company culture. I lead workshops, conducted surveys and interviews to get to the core of what our values are, what kind of company we want to be, and what’s important to the people who work here. We established team events, built a stronger company, and improved connection between all employees.

It is an amazing place and has been an incredible journey, from humble beginnings to scaling growth, and we’re only just getting started!

If you’re interested in seeing more of my process with Koho I’ve outlined how I designed one aspect of it, the goals feature, on Medium here.