VCH Data Visualization

SAL – System of Audio and Lighting

Categories: Interaction Design

With this project we chose to work with the creation of an immersive audio and lighting system that transitions seamlessly as people move between defined spaces.

The idea was at first to create a system that would carry audio around following the user as the transitions happen from space to space. This would allow the user to transition the audio output from one space to another effortlessly. This system then became an integrated audio and lighting system considering that both functionalities would be complementary based on how we use lights and sound.

We decided to achieve this goal by placing a speaker, a lightbulb, and an iBeacon within the same housing that would plug into a light socket. So with this as you move around your home the iBeacon senses your location based on the location of your phone or a physical/virtual token and will adjust the audio and lighting accordingly as you move around your house. It also will sense when you arrive home and if you’re playing music prompt you to transfer the audio from your device seamlessly to the speakers inside.

Here is a link to my process book for this project